Sailing on the Norfolk Broads

The traditional way

This site has been built by sailors who know the North Norfolk Broads well having sailed there as members of a party that has been visiting the Broads for well over 50 years. We have almost always sailed in the classic cabin yachts for the Norfolk Broads – Hustlers, Wood boats or Lullabys from the Hunter Yard at Ludham.

Hustler 3 reaching in a Stiff Breeze

Hustler 3 reaching in a Stiff Breeze

These beautiful boats were built from the 1930s by Percy Hunter and his sons. Traditionally built from mahogany, designed especially for a first class sailing experience in these specific waters, they are the yachts to sail on the Broads.

Not only did Percy, his sons, friends and family build the boats, but they also dug out the Dyke that forms the watery entrance to the yard that these elegant ladies call home.

This where you will find out about the Hunter boats.

View of Hunter's Yard from the Womack Water end

Hunter's Yard

They lack many of today’s creature comforts. No engine, no running hot water, no showers, heaters or television. Instead you get a traditional, craft built, boat that will out sail any other similar boat in its element and keep you enthralled for your week’s stay.

There are several technical and sailing terms used in the various descriptions. We are building a glossary to explain some of these. If you find one you do not understand then email us and we can explain it to you and put it on the list for future addition.

We hope you will find helpful hints, whether you are visiting by sail or under power, to make your stay enjoyable. This is a delightful part of the world, one to be enjoyed at its own pace, not that of the city. Pause and watch the grebes swimming and diving for food. enjoy the company of your fellow sailors, and the local hospitality too. A friendly welcome for courteous visitors awaits you.

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