Captain’s Log 2006 – Saturday

Wood Sorrel in the Sun

Wood Sorrel in the Sun

This section of the web site is a log of the 2006 voyage around some of our favourite spots on the the northern Norfolk Broads. As you follow us on our way you will find links to more detailed pieces of information on this site and links to others where they are better informed.

As background, you are aware from the home page, this party has been sailing the Broads for over 50 years, normally visiting in late April. We have seen many changes to the landscape and facilities over that period, but always the same high standards from all at Hunter’s Yard, located near Womack Water.


Our log really begins as the ten of us assembled at the Falgate in Potter Heigham village to meet up for lunch and plan the week’s adventure.

Weather warm. On arrival there was almost no wind, the trees are still, and the sun is shining. Over lunch we decided to head for Thurne Lion for the first night as it was a suitable distance, local and achievable with late arrival of some members of the party. Then we headed for the familiar surroundings of Hunter’s Yard and met Graham and Tom as we loaded up our boats with our kit for the week and initial food supplies.

Great to be back in the familiar glow of varnished mahogany accommodation. Met our new yard manager and her talented typing labrador, Dinah (you need to be a Friend of the Hunter fleet to understand that allusion). We were all pleased to hear that fleet bookings were strong with almost no vacancies until July. This is in contrast to our observations of other yards through the week, and the low numbers of motor cruisers we encountered on the rivers and broads.

Sailing To Thurne Mill

Sailing To Thurne Mill

When we set sail the wind had increased to a pleasant force 3 and a lively passage in bright sunshine to the Lion ensued. Lion dyke can be seen for miles as a distinctive white painted windmill marks its head. It is one of the few windmills that is complete with all its sails.

We moored up on the west bank where a £3.00 overnight mooring fee is payable to the farm owner. If you moor on the other bank any fees are due to the pub, but are unlikely to be collected, especially if you patronize the pub.

Some of us headed quickly for the pub as it was FA cup semi-final day and Liverpool, supported by some (Tony), was to beat Chelsea, supported by others, much to the amusement of the neutrals.
Being April 23rd this weekend, there was a special St George’s evening organised by the landlord in another bar with English stew with homemade dumplings and a folk singer.
Over the evening meal there was much discussion about the plan for the week. As we are sailing boats that are without engines, and so totally weather dependent, then the planned order of visiting the various ports of call has to be decided with that, and the tides, in mind.
As the five day weather forecast was for quieter winds early in the week and livelier towards the end, we decided to head east first, where there are fewer trees and so more open sailing.

Boat Allocations

Hustler 3 Tony & Mike C
Hustler 4 Pete & Andrew
Wood Sorrel Peter, Brian & Alec
Wood Violet Richard (Commodore), Mike D and Danny

Follow this link to see the maps for this year’s voyage.