Captain’s Log 2008 – Friday

Our last day of sailing was bright and with the same fresh Nor’ Westerly. As usual on our last day we were headed for Upton’s White Horse and Friday’s Fish & Chips. We enjoyed a great sail down the Ant and along the Bure to Windy Corner. Then we tried the measured quarter mile. We were sad to see that the measuring posts are in need of some attention as they are suffering from the ravages of the elements. Despite the relatively fresh breeze we were just short of 6 mph. We made our way right down to Acle Bridge before turning back to Upton and the pleasurable walk to the White Horse. We moor on the end of the dyke so it’s a fair walk along the dyke and through Eastwood/ Whelpton’s yard where there are always some interesting yachts to see.

Arriving at the White Horse it was good to see that little has changed. One of the beers for the first round was just going off, but it was speedily replaced with an excellent pint (or two?). Whilst waiting for the fish & chips we had a sing-song round the piano.

However this one really has seen better days as not only was it out of tune but the keys were really sticky. In fact the piano was probably about up to the standard of the singing!

The legendary fish & chips arrived. The plates are special fish shaped ones and are huge, and entirely covered in food. Some diners even had bread and butter as well, I don’t know how, as I could not finish mine even without the extra.

After lunch the stroll back to the boats helped digest the food before the sail back to the yard and a chat with Graham. For the evening’s entertainment we decided to visit the New Inn in Horning that we had missed this year.

And so ended another vintage year; and bookings made for next!

Next thing it is Saturday morning and time to go home with many thanks to all who work in the yard making such an enjoyable week possible for us all.

Ad what about that new four berth? Now launched and fully commissioned as “Lucent”. What a wonderul example of the craftmanship from the guys at the yard.


An exciting week, with more new things this week than for a while. But I hope we don’t have to experience another Chinese gybe! Ever.