Captain’s Log 2009 – Maps

This page shows the 2009 trip in full and then day by day. It is superimposed on the 1895 map, first in full and then, as the days journeys overlap, in sequence.

Each stage of the journey has numbers in circles at the start, lunch break and evening stops. Follow the orange route marks as you read the Log. Each day’s map is a hotlink to a full sized map and each day’s log has a hot link to the corresponding map.

2009 Map full Route

2009 full route

Map Day 1

Day 1, Saturday afternoon; Womack to Thurne.

Map Day 2

Day 2, Sunday; Thurne, Ludham & Gay's Staithe.

Map Day 3

Day 3, Monday; Gay's Staithe, Thurne and Hickling.

Map Day 4

Day 4, Tuesday; Hickling to Horsey.

Map Day 5

Day 5, Wednesday; Horsey, Thurne & South Walsham.

Map Day 6

Day 6, Thursday; South Walsham, Horning and Acle.

Map Day 7

Day 7, Friday; Acle, Upton and home to Womack.