Captains Log 2012 – Saturday

Overview of the week

A week of strong winds and rain coupled with sunny breaks. Lots of ‘Big Sky’. Low mileage and some key features missed because of the poor weather – but a couple of interesting diversions instead.


If you have read the story so far you will know that Mike & I plan to arrive at the Falgate in Potter Heigham around lunchtime on the Saturday. Not this year. As a result of a family party our travel arrangements were delayed and complicated. Suffice to say that we arrived about 17:15 having driven the last stage through a strong rain shower that killed the wind. The others had arrived as usual and, after the lunchtime session, had set off down river for the Lion at Thurne.

Hunters Yard -calm after the rain

Hunters Yard -calm after the rain

As soon as we arrived we rang them to discover they were in the Lion but rather wet as they were under sail when the shower came through. As the wind had died away there was no prospect of our sailing to join them that envenoming, so we agreed to travel there by car.. They had kindly completed the formalities on our behalf and so we boarded and unpacked before driving over to join them. On arrival we found they had returned to their boat to eat as they had lunched well at the Falgate, but we were hungry so ordered a meal whilst they arrived. Mike C’s choice, steak and kidney pudding, was to become a feature of the week.

Richard told us about their arrival at the Falgate. Over the past few years we have always rung them in advance so that they had some idea of the numbers arriving for lunch as they have, on occasions, been considerable. This time, as there were a total of less than 6, he had not called and, when he arrived, the landlady almost went into panic mode, especially as they had a St George’s Day function in the evening and preparation for that was in full swing.

So, plans for the week were then discussed. With the arrival of many weather websites and smart phone technology we believed we had much better information than our forebears. It seemed clear that there was a southerly wind to start with that, with the rising in the morning, would help us through Potter Heigham bridge. Even more remarkable was the forecast that the wind on Monday was set to continue southerly in the morning and then back to become easterly after lunch – ideal for a trip to Horsey Mere. Intermittent showers looked likely every day. The outlook for the second half of the week was for much stronger winds. So we agreed to meet up in the morning at Potter Heigham around coffee time. That being finalised and closing time approaching we headed for our bunks.