Captain’s Log 2006 – Saturday

Wood Sorrel in the Sun

Wood Sorrel in the Sun

This section of the web site is a log of the 2006 voyage around some of our favourite spots on the the northern Norfolk Broads. As you follow us on our way you will find links to more detailed pieces of information on this site and links to others where they are better informed. Continue reading

Captain’s Log 2006 – Sunday

Wood Violet Danny

Wood Violet Danny

Up and away in the morning about 09:30, as is our daily routine, heading east as planned, towards Potter Heigham. The river Thurne here is open and wide, and with a westerly wind behind us progress was easy. We sailed first back past the turning for Womack Water preceded by the distinctive stand of poplar trees. Then into the second phase of the journey. After the open fields the banks become a bit built up with riverside holiday cottages. Continue reading

Captain’s Log 2006 – Wednesday

Discussion on Tuesday evening had led to the decision to have a Fleet Dinner on board on Wednesday evening as we were within striking range of Horning. The Catering Team were to make for Horning, and its famous butcher’s shop, so as to purchase the necessary comestibles and then, weather permitting, continue on the Salhouse Broad. Continue reading

Captain’s Log 2006 – Thursday

The fleet’s Quarter Master and Catering Officer were off early to the butcher’s shop to purchase the supplies for the postponed fleet dinner. Half of the rear end of a cow, with the addition of vegetables followed by some slicing and sloshing of red wine with a generous mixing together and the marinade was ready for its day of maturing under sail.

We left the Ferry Inn in bright weather with a steady force 2 wind. We were headed for Ranworth Staithe, which is a relatively short sail away so we went upstream first. We passed the New Inn and reached the turn in the river by Horning Staithe, and the Swan Inn. Continue reading

Captain’s Log 2006 – Friday

It’s hard to believe our week is almost over.

Friday morning saw a windy day and Mike D commented that it was always worrying when the skippers morning conference was discussing how many reefs to put in the sails. Two was decided as the optimum. The destination did not need to be discussed as it is traditional that, on Friday, we go down the Thurne to Acle bridge and then back to Upton for lunch, more later. Pete and I decided that we would try to go below Acle bridge for a short distance if practical as the tide was favourable it being high water at Acle at 13:00. Continue reading