Captain’s Log 2008 – Saturday

Tim L Sailing in a Breeze

Tim L Sailing in a Breeze

This section of the web site is a log of the 2008 voyage around some of our favourite spots on the the northern Norfolk Broads. As you follow us on our way you will find links to more detailed pieces of information on this site and links to others where they are better informed. Continue reading

Captain’s Log 2008 – Sunday

On Sunday morning the weather was what the Scots would call ‘dreich’. Really the only good thing you can say about it was that there was a fresh breeze and so making progress was not going to be a problem. The objective here was to reach Gay’s Staithe for lunch. This involves a trip down to Windy Corner and along past St Benet’s abbey before turning right up the river Ant to Ludham Bridge. And here is the first challenge of the day, lowering the mast and quanting through the bridge. Continue reading

Captain’s Log 2008 – Monday

The wind was lighter this morning and, as we had to sail through trees to get down to Barton Broad and again to get through Irstead village, we set off with a full sail. We made it down to Barton OK and sped across a broad well under control. Again, our passage through Irstead village was quite quick with the wind still being from the East. Mike & I had decided that we would stop at How Hill House as we wished to find the Hitler Oak. Continue reading

Captain’s Log 2008 – Tuesday

The wind was the same strength and direction in the morning, that is fairly brisk and blowing towards the mooring, so a bit of planning needed to get off successfully. Having prepared the boat for sailing there are then two options.

Ranworth Depart

Ranworth Depart

They both start by quanting away from the mooring into the broad. In the first (safer) method you then drop the mud weight again and hoist sails before setting off. Continue reading

Captain’s Log 2008 – Wednesday

The target today is to get to Horsey for lunch at the Nelson Head, a favourite stopping point. The day dawned bright but misty and with virtually no wind. Looking across Hickling Broad the colours, being all light shades of grey blue changing almost by the minute were fascinating to see. Chris and Dave, our resident sketchers and painters were having a field day. By the time we were breakfasted and ready to depart a light wind had set in from the east again, the angle being just fine enough for us to set off from the end of the staithe. Continue reading

Captain’s Log 2008 – Thursday

The day was bright, but the forecast was for a couple of hours of heavy rain around lunchtime. Our target was to get from the Lion at Somerton to the Lion at Thurne to catch up on the gossip arising from the newspaper article. The wind had moved round to the West as forecast some days ago and was now fresh, just right for full sail. We pushed across to the other, windward, bank, hoisted sails and set off back across Martham Broad. Then, around the bend towards Martham Ferry we caught up with the others tacking with long and short tacks. Continue reading

Captain’s Log 2008 – Friday

Our last day of sailing was bright and with the same fresh Nor’ Westerly. As usual on our last day we were headed for Upton’s White Horse and Friday’s Fish & Chips. We enjoyed a great sail down the Ant and along the Bure to Windy Corner. Then we tried the measured quarter mile. We were sad to see that the measuring posts are in need of some attention as they are suffering from the ravages of the elements. Despite the relatively fresh breeze we were just short of 6 mph. We made our way right down to Acle Bridge before turning back to Upton and the pleasurable walk to the White Horse. We moor on the end of the dyke so it’s a fair walk along the dyke and through Eastwood/ Whelpton’s yard where there are always some interesting yachts to see. Continue reading