Captain’s Log 2009 – Sunday

The day started cold and dull with mid height, uniformly grey, clouds making it seem set for the day. After breakfast, and the return of the overnight caravanners, we prepared for the short sail to windy corner. Brian, with the motorised ‘Tarn’ had William and Peter’s ashes on board. In preparatory manoeuvring she went aground several feet from the shore. Peter was still with us spreading his cheerful mischief! Continue reading

Captain’s Log 2009 – Monday

Sailing gently through Irstead

Sailing gently through Irstead

The morning was bright but overcast and, despite the shelter at Gay’s staithe as it is surrounded by very tall trees, we could see that the wind was still lively in the very tops of the trees. We set off from the staithe under jib alone as we were on the windward side and hoisted the main as we got underway. Continue reading

Captain’s Log 2009 – Wednesday

Horsey, Geese at Dyke Entrance

Horsey, Geese at Dyke Entrance

The day dawned bright and sunny and the wind from yesterday had persisted heralding an easy ride back down Meadow Dyke. There were geese in abundance near the mooring. There was one colony in the field below the mooring’s southern back and another swimming around at the entrance to the dyke. Continue reading

Captain’s Log 2009 – Thursday

The day started bright and sunny again with a forecast force 2 to 3 to give us a bright St George’s day. BBC Radio Norwich were asking for blog entries about where you are in Norfolk and what you are dong. So we took a team photo and composed the blog on our way to Horning. Along the way we saw several cootes nesting in the reeds on the edge of the north bank. Continue reading

Captain’s Log 2009 – Friday

Another fine morning, together with a fresh wind from the south. Some discussion about the possibility of lowering away and exploring the river south of the bridge before lunch. The tide was running upstream which was good, but to pass under the bridge meant getting downstream against wind and tide and then crossing to the other side to raise the mast as there is no mooring on our current bank. That combination was likely to be impossible as the river is too deep for quants in the middle at this point so the idea had to be abandoned. Continue reading