Captain’s Log 2010 – Saturday

Met for lunch in the Falgate at Potter Heigham as usual. All members present despite the ban on flying caused by the Icelandic volcano eruption. Alec had traveled over from Germany by car a few days in advance and so avoided the queues building up for the cross channel ferry. He had been staying near Mike D so they traveled together. Pete & Denis live closetogether so they shared transport and Brian had driven from Sheffield. For Mike C and me the drive up to Norfolk had been easy on a bright and sunny morning, but with practically no sign of wind. Continue reading

Captain’s Log 2010 – Sunday

We awoke next morning to a bright day with a clear blue sky, but a flat calm However, about halfway through breakfast there were signs of the wind filling in from the North East. As we were packing and preparing the boat we could hear the fantail of the windmill beginning to spin in the wind. For some reason all crews were up and about early with the first boat away by 09:00. The beat up to Potter was great, the wind being on the nose almost all the way, so it was an interesting challenge. We moored near the bridge, lowered away and quanted through. Something happened on Tarn as she moored up and the wooden tiller handle broke away from the main tiller body. Continue reading

Captain’s Log 2010 – Monday

Not so early up today. No wind at first, but the flags were moving as we readied to set off. Very pleasant beat up across the Broad, Two boats were moored up at the entrance to Meadow Dyke and we set off for Horsey Mere with the other two and a spare quant pole giving us double bubble when needed. Continue reading

Captain’s Log 2010 – Tuesday

Overnight was cold and the change in the sound of the slapping of wavelets against the boat’s hull registered a change of wind. Awakening properly in the morning showed the opening of the awning pushing inwards indicating a full 180 degree change and a freshening to 12 to 14 knots. The wind was now blowing almost straight down the first section of the narrow dyke presenting an immediate challenge. Continue reading

Captain’s Log 2010 – Wednesday

Another morning with breeze, but a bit lighter so we could shake out our reef. We set off for a sail up towards Salhouse for half an hour before turning back to head towards our chosen destination of the River Ant. Passing Southgate’s yard in Horning there were several notable yachts moored. White Moth is by far the largest of the Pleasure Wherrys. Continue reading

Captain’s Log 2010 – Friday

The day brought another cold dawn, not quite as severe as the previous day, but cold enough for a light frost. Overnight the wind had fallen calm leading to a low lying fog The wind had veered so the initial part of our continued journey down the Ant was a very close fetch rather than a beat making for an easier start. Towards the end of the Ant the wind got light and tricky and,as the river is very narrow there, we held up a couple of motor cruisers for a few moments until we managed to get free of the end of the river. Then a left turn and the Bure is well wide enough for all manoeuvres. Continue reading

Captain’s Log 2010 – Last Saturday

Looking round the yard this morning we saw Brown Bess in the final states of her re-varnish to be ready for the season. With a photo like this you can see the special Norfolk Broads design of keel. Most yachts have a keel that is narrow and deep, but he shallowness of the broads waters mans that he keel is long and much shorter than normal. So it is easy to see why the boat makes lots of leeway when heeled as the keel soon loses its effect once it is at an angle. Also note the pile of sawn timber in the background maturing and waiting to be made into planks. Continue reading