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6 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. I have just spent an enjoyable couple of hours reading your site articles.
    I came to your site because it came up in my search for information about rhond anchors. Excellent articles, thank you.
    Was the ‘Captains Log 2012’ the last addition to your site?
    Thank you again.
    Kind regards

    • Thanks for your kind note.
      Yes, that was the last addition to the site. There is, hopefully, to be one more. We shall see!

  2. I am reading “Gently Floating” set, I think on the broads a t Wroxham,. There is a lot of talk about the rond, meaning some kind of land by the river. I would love to know exactly what the rond is? It is a detective novel,A super intendent Gently novel, there was recently a series on the bbc with Martin Shaw, bore little likeness to the novels though, but entertaining. Thank you.

    • All our sailing boats from Hunter’s Yard are equipped with rond anchors. They are like an axe, but instead of an axe head it’s more like a spike You wield it axe like to drive the head into the soft bank that’s next to the river or broad.
      See the description and image via this link.
      So the ‘rond’ is that grass covered soft earth bank.
      Hope that helps and enjoy our read.
      P.S. Sometimes the spelling is ‘rond’ and sometimes it is ‘rhond’. The marvels of English!

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