‘Lullaby’ class cabin yachts

The Lullaby class sailing yacht is a four berth, high-peak gaff rigged yacht built to the same general design as the Hustler and Wood boats. Fitted out with four berths, and a central companionway. makes for a longer and heavier boat. The compensation is that, with the extra crew on board, you can quant on both sides at once!

There are currently three Lullaby class boats, Lullaby (1932) herself, Lustre (1932) and Luna (1933) pictured above. A new boat, the first since the 1930s, is under construction in the Yard.

Lullaby class 1930s four berth cabin yacht

Lullaby class 1930s four berth cabin yacht

The layout (from stem to stern) comprises a forepeak with storage space for the mud weight (used instead of an anchor), some rope for mooring, and for the overnight awning. Next comes the mast in its pivoted tabernacle so that it can be lowered for passing under bridges. Then the main cabin with its lowering cabin roof, this time in the centre only. The front portion of this contains two bunks. The centre way has an companionway and the ‘heads’ and the after section is the remaining sleeping accommodation of two single bunks with underneath storage drawers. The open cockpit is further aft which also functions as a galley when not being used to sail her. This galley includes a small oven as a treat. Finally the counter provides a flat area of deck at the stern and houses the rudder stock.

These boats, being longer and heavier than the others, are harder work in a real blow and cannot navigate as well in the narrow rivers.

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