Pleasure Wherry ‘Hathor’

Pleasure Wherry Harthor under sail

Pleasure Wherry Harthor under sail

Like Albion, Hathor (pronounced “Heart – or” is a product of another age. Built in 1905 she has the hull and sailing rig of a commercial wherry but the hull is kitted out for passenger’s comfort and enjoyment.

Several Pleasure wherries were either converted from commercial ones as trains and the internal combustion engine took over their trading activities, or built new like Hathor. These were the first hire boats available on the broads where gentlemen (and their ladies) would come and be sailed around and looked after by their ‘man’ (and usually a ‘boy’ as well).

Hathor has no engine, despite her enormous size being 56 feet long and weighing in at 23 tons. Like our ‘Hunter’ yachts she either sails or is quanted when on the move. During her centenary year she was sailed single handed round all the broads, northern and southern, that she could navigate. A feat that took almost six months.

She was specifically designed for the Coleman family (of mustard fame) and is most unusual in that she has a strong Egyptian them in all her internal fittings. If you get the chance to visit her, then take it.

Wherry Yacht Charter has been formed as a trust to take Hathor into ownership and provide a more secure future for her. She will be one of three members of the Wherry Yacht Charter fleet, the others being Olive and Norada. The trust is newly established and currently is promoting awareness of the wherries and expects to be able to offer chartering in the near future.

Olive and Norada are different from Hathor in that they are Wherry Yachts, being essentially Edwardian yacht hulls fitted with a wherry rig for effective sailing on the broads.

New in 2009. Harthor is undertaking a number of sailing trips and viewings this year, but this will be the last for several years as she will be officailly de-commissioned at the end of 2009 until at lest 2013. The Wherry Yacht Charitable Trust is seeking to raise £100,000 to rebuild Harthor, and the two wherry yachts, Olive & Norada.

Visit the Wherry Yacht Charitable Trust’s website here.